AGBA is a unique platform that promises people and businesses a greater life together.

Our community shares opportunities in wealth, health, business, careers and personal growth.

The AGBA platform hosts a growing selection of influential brands.

They serve our community with greater access in financial and healthcare services.

    AGBA is a unique platform business that unites people and businesses with better choices in financial services, healthcare, and wellness.

    We’re looking for ambitious people to join us.

    We strive for creating long-term value for shareholders.

      Our purpose is to bring greater health, wealth and happiness to more people.

      How? With our financial strength, fresh thinking and experienced can-do team.

        The AGBA platform we hosts a growing selection of influential brands. 

        They serve our community with greater access in financial and healthcare services.

        Our Brands

        Our unique omnichannel one-stop financial business solution platform for financial advisors, brokers and financial institutions.(1)(2)(3)(4)

        Facilitates access to comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services for institutions, financial professionals and individual investors. (1)

        Providing you with market-leading investment solutions and enabling you to unleash market potential with simplicity and ease through our networks and expertise.(2)

        Expanded opportunities in real estate with one-stop overseas property services.(4)

        Mainly offers comprehensive loan services to retail customers, including mortgage loan. (3)

        One of the leading financial advisory teams in Hong Kong, serving over 200,000 customers. (1)(2)

        Premium one-stop integrated financial management team serving high net worth individuals, covering a wide range and all-round services.(1)(2)

        Founded on the belief that health and wealth go hand-in-hand, AGBA offers access to a range of health and wellness solutions.(6)


        1. Insurance and MPF schemes brokerage services are provided by OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited ( respectively an Insurance Broker Company with HKIA Licence No. FB1452 and Principal Intermediary with MPF Registration No. IC000579)

        2. Fund products, portfolio management services are distributed and/or rendered by OnePlatform Asset Management Limited (a licensed corporation with SFC CE No. AFQ784)

        3. Money lender business (including mortgage) are provided by OnePlatform Credit Limited (Money Lenders Licence Number 1138/2023).

        4. Any estate agency business exclusively in relation to properties outside Hong Kong are provided by OnePlatform International Property Limited.

        5. Any other non-regulated products and/or services are provided by subsidiaries of AGBA Group Holding Limited.

        6. (a) Healthcare services, with professional consultations from health monitoring to pathology analysis, are rendered by a strategic partner of AGBA Group Holding Limited, namely, HCMPS Healthcare Holdings Limited and its associated company (collectively “HCMPS”). (b) Medical services, as well as healthcare services, are rendered by Kwai Fong Medical Centre Limited (trading as Kwai Fong Medical Centre) and Laguna City Medical & Dental Centre Limited (trading as Laguna City Medical Centre) and/or any other centre(s) from time to time under HCMPS.

        7. Information consultancy services and/or data processing services etc. (including but not limited to back-office management support, sales management support, sales services hotline and data management services) are rendered by a strategic partner of AGBA Group Holding Limited.