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      OnePlatform  | 06 Jun 2023

      Exploring the Values Investment in China

      China’s economy has been demonstrating steady performance lately, with positive indicators such as an improving Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), low inflation, and favorable interest rates. These developments may create a positive environment to invest in Chinese focused funds for investors seeking to capitalize on the country’s economic growth. In this article, we will explore the reasons […]


      OnePlatform  | 04 May 2023

      OnePlatform MPF Composite Index records a monthly increase of 3.59% in April

      As of 20 April, The OnePlatform MPF Composite Index (compiled by OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited, Member of AGBA Group) was 237.52, with a 3.59% month-to-month increase. The US banking crisis was quickly brought under control, coupled with improved global inflation data, and the market generally expects that the period of interest rate hikes is coming […]


      OnePlatform  | 14 Apr 2023

      Unleashing the Power of China’s Consumer Market: Consumer Funds Explained

      As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus has shifted to the opportunities presented by the post-pandemic economic recovery particularly in Asia led by China. This may create a fertile ground for consumer funds seeking to take advantage of the region’s growth potential. In this article, we explore the five potential reasons behind […]


      OnePlatform  | 04 Apr 2023

      The OnePlatform MPF Equity Index fell by 6.13% in March under Banking Crisis

      As of 20 March, The OnePlatform MPF Composite Index (compiled by OnePlatform Wealth Management, Member of AGBA Group) was 229.28, with a 3.57% month-to-month decrease. In March, Banking Crisis in US and Europe has risen concern. Financial and banking stocks underwent sell off for a while, and the performance of MPF Equity was therefore under […]


      OnePlatform  | 08 Mar 2023

      Value vs. Growth: Why Value Funds matter in 2023?

      As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, growth investing gained momentum while traditional value investing took a backseat. However, the market scenario has changed in early 2022 with rising interest and inflation leading to renewed interest in value investing. Warren Buffett’s investment philosophy emphasizes buying a wonderful company at a fair price over a fair company at […]


      OnePlatform  | 03 Mar 2023

      OnePlatform MPF Index fell slightly by 0.87% in February

      As of 20 February, The OnePlatform MPF Composite Index (compiled by OnePlatform Wealth Management(1),Member of AGBA Group) was 237.76, with a 0.87% month-to-month decrease. The fluctuation in the US ‘s inflation data, coupled with geopolitics issues such as the Russia-Ukraine war and worsening Sino-U.S. tensions, weighed on market sentiment, causing the OnePlatform MPF Composite Index […]


      OnePlatform  | 07 Feb 2023

      OnePlatform MPF Indexes increases across the board as encouraging inflation data

      As of 19 January, The OnePlatform MPF Composite Index (compiled by OnePlatform Wealth Management(1),Member of AGBA Group), was 239.85, with a 5.67% month-to-month increase. The market has a good start in 2023. The inflation rate and the pace of the central bank’s interest rate hike show signs of slowing down, and the restart of the […]


      OnePlatform  | 03 Jan 2023

      OnePlatform MPF Composite Index records a monthly increase by 2.47% and a yearly decrease by 14.1%

      As of 19 December, OnePlatform MPF Composite Index was 226.97, with a 2.47% month-to-month increase. In December, China’s dynamic zero-Covid strategy changed after three years, boosting the performance of the Asian equity market, driving the OnePlatform MPF Equity Index to record a 3.88% month-to-month increase in December. OnePlatform MPF Bond Index and OnePlatform MPF DIS […]

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