AGBA is a unique platform that promises people and businesses a greater life together.

Our community shares opportunities in wealth, health, business, careers and personal growth.

The AGBA platform hosts a growing selection of influential brands.

They serve our community with greater access in financial and healthcare services.

AGBA is a unique platform business that unites people and businesses with better choices in financial services, healthcare, and wellness.

We’re looking for ambitious people to join us.

We strive for creating long-term value for shareholders.

    Our purpose is to bring greater health, wealth and happiness to more people.

    How? With our financial strength, fresh thinking and experienced can-do team.

      Our purpose is to bring
      greater health, wealth
      and happiness to more

      How? With our
      financial strength,
      fresh thinking
      and experienced
      can-do team.

      About AGBA 

      AGBA is a one-of-a-kind wealth and health platform, helping people enjoy wealth and health with the ease they deserve.

      AGBA Group (“AGBA” or “The Group”) is a Nasdaq-listed company (NASDAQ: AGBA), the Group’s activities span a business-to-business (B2B) platform, healthcare and wellness services, fintech businesses, as well as financial advisory services.

      AGBA brands include ‘OnePlatform’ (1)(2)(3)(4)(one-stop financial business solution platform),  ‘FOCUS’ (1)(2)and ‘perform(1)(2)(financial advisory). The Group is in strategic partnership with JFA under AGBA Health(5)and has an ensemble of worldwide leading FinTech assets.

      With AGBA, we are all greater together.

      Our Story

      For far too long, when it comes to having health and wealth, we had to sacrifice one to achieve the other. It always seems like a challenge to find the best balance for both. By this human truth, AGBA was formed.

      We are your one-of-a-kind wealth and health platform serving the community with top-notch financial and healthcare services. The time is now to redefine the way we build our wealth and health with greater ease – ease of access, ease of choice and ease of mind.

      Together, we will build one of the region’s fastest-growing and most trusted financial services (wealth) and healthcare (health) platform.

      Greater wealth together

      Through OnePlatform(1)(2)(3)(4), FOCUS(1)(2); our fintech businesses, we combine visionary fintech with an impressive range of sophisticated and easy-to-use financial solutions from respected institutions. Our remarkable online and offline financial platform and advisory services makes it easier for our partner companies, financial professionals and individuals to invest and manage wealth. Together, we will make earning, investing and saving easier as well as more rewarding than ever before.

      Greater health together

      We believe good health is everyone’s most valuable asset. Through AGBA Health(5), in strategic partnership with JFA, we ease access to diverse and comprehensive healthcare businesses and resources. AGBA connects you, your family and your company to smarter health and wellness services. Together, we will make it even more convenient to achieve greater health goals.

      Greater happiness together

      AGBA aims to ease the worries in everyday life. When you join us, you will have the support needed to take even better care of your family’s wealth and health. When you have greater peace of mind, you can spend time on things that matter – like turning moments into lasting memories. Together, we will put a smile onto your loved ones and your faces.

      Starting today, AGBA unites people and businesses in the Greater Bay Area to redefine health and wealth. Join us.

      With AGBA, we are all greater together.


      To be the fastest growing and most trusted platform offering wealth and health services in the Greater Bay Area.


      Health and Wealth Made Easy


      Business-to-business (B2B) platform
      AGBA introduces OnePlatform(1)(2)(3)(4) as an unique omnichannel one-stop financial business solution platform that offers all-round financial services, expands business opportunities and enhances business productivity to financial advisors and financial institutions e.g. banks.

      Financial advisory
      Our professional financial advisors share financial understanding and advice for everyone.

      Healthcare and wellness
      We offer our clients a diverse and comprehensive scope of healthcare services through our extensive clinic network. We’re constantly developing smart healthcare services, from virtual consultations, medication delivery, to other digital clinic experiences because we believe that good health is everyone’s most valuable asset.

      We believe continuous innovations are the key to the progress of fintech. That’s why we keep pushing forward in this area to open up more opportunities and embrace Wealth and Health, for a fulfilling life.

      Corporate Communications

      Learn more about us by watching our latest corporate video here.


      Media release

      AGBA  | 06 Apr 2023

      NASDAQ-listed wealth and health firm, AGBA Group Holding Limited to acquire Sony Life Financial Advisers Pte Ltd in Singapore

      HONG KONG and SINGAPORE — NASDAQ-listed AGBA Group Holding Limited “AGBA” today announced that it has entered into a sale and purchase agreement, dated 5 April 2023, to acquire Sony Life Financial Advisers Pte Ltd, a duly licensed financial adviser and insurance broker in Singapore. AGBA, together with its subsidiary, the “AGBA Group”, is a […]


      OnePlatform  | 03 Jan 2023

      OnePlatform MPF Composite Index records a monthly increase by 2.47% and a yearly decrease by 14.1%

      As of 19 December, OnePlatform MPF Composite Index was 226.97, with a 2.47% month-to-month increase. In December, China’s dynamic zero-Covid strategy changed after three years, boosting the performance of the Asian equity market, driving the OnePlatform MPF Equity Index to record a 3.88% month-to-month increase in December. OnePlatform MPF Bond Index and OnePlatform MPF DIS […]


      (1) Insurance and MPF schemes brokerage services are provided by OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited (respectively an Insurance Broker Company with HKIA Licence No. FB1452 and a Principal Intermediary with MPF Registration No. IC000579)
      (2) Fund products and portfolio management services are distributed and/or rendered by OnePlatform Asset Management Limited (a licensed corporation with SFC CE No. AFQ784)
      (3) Money lender business (including mortgage) are provided by OnePlatform Credit Limited (Money Lenders Licence Number 1207/2022)
      (4)Any estate agency business exclusively in relation to properties outside Hong Kong are provided by OnePlatform International Property Limited
      (5) Healthcare services are rendered by a strategic partner of AGBA Group Holding Limited, namely, HCMPS Healthcare Holdings Limited and its associated company (collectively “HCMPS”).
      (6) Information consultancy services and/or data processing services etc. (including but not limited to back-office management support, sales management support, sales services hotline and data management services) are rendered by a strategic partner of AGBA Group Holding Limited