AGBA is a unique platform that promises people and businesses a greater life together.

Our community shares opportunities in wealth, health, business, careers and personal growth.

The AGBA platform hosts a growing selection of influential brands.

They serve our community with greater access in financial and healthcare services.

AGBA is a unique platform business that unites people and businesses with better choices in financial services, healthcare, and wellness.

We’re looking for ambitious people to join us.

    Our purpose is to bring greater health, wealth and happiness to more people.

    How? With our financial strength, fresh thinking and experienced can-do team.

      Investor Relations

      AGBA Group Holding Limited (NASDAQ: ‘AGBA’) is a leading Hong Kong-based financial service company serving over 400,000 customers. It is organized into four divisions: Platform, Distribution, Healthcare and Fintech.


      Welcome to AGBA. As you embark on your journey with us, here’s a short guide to help you get acquainted with our company:



      Fact Sheet
      Click to download | Jul 1, 2023

      Fact Sheet

      Investor Presentation
      Click to download | Feb 27, 2024

      Investor Presentation

      2023 - 2026 Financial Projections
      Click to download | Aug 30, 2023

      2023 – 2026 Financial Projections



      Comparable and Valuation Comparsion
      Click to download | Aug 30, 2023

      Comparable and Valuation Comparsion

      Comments on AGBA's Share Price
      Click to download | Jun 05, 2023

      Comments on AGBA’s Share Price

      Introductory Video
      April 14, 2023

      Introductory Video

      Latest Disclosure

      At AGBA, we are committed to ensuring that our friends can easily grasp the essence of our company, our capabilities and our infrastructure. If you are new to AGBA, we recommend starting with the following materials as a valuable introduction:

      Description Date Download
      AGBA Group is Positioned For Hong Kong’s Rebounding Marco Environment with Business Refinements and Growth Strategies Feb 27, 2024 View
      Investor Presentation – February 2024 Feb 27, 2024 PDF
      AGBA Celebrates Major Milestone with Successful Completion of Private Placement at a Premium to Market Price Feb 15, 2024 View
      Research Report – November 2023 Nov 22, 2023 View
      AGBA Group Entered Into Term Sheets for US$6.2 Million Private Placement Offering Nov 08, 2023 View
      AGBA Confirms Self-Imposed Lockup Of Two Significant Shareholders Oct 04, 2023 View
      AGBA Address Shareholder Inquiries Every Wednesday in its Q&A Session Oct 04, 2023 View
      AGBA updates Nasdaq and SEC in relation to Irregular Trading Activities by third parties in AGBA Shares Oct 03, 2023 View
      AGBA Group Appoints Bob Diamond as Chairman and Announces Atlas Merchant Capital as Strategic Advisor Sep 19, 2023 View
      Research Report – September 2023 Sep 18, 2023 View
      $50 Million Equity Purchase Agreement with Williamsburg Venture Holdingss Sep 07, 2023 View
      MSCI Global Micro-Cap Index Aug 15, 2023 View
      AGBA’s OnePlatform Partners with HSBC Life Jul 03, 2023 View
      Greater Bay Area: Capabilities and Market Analysis May 30, 2023 PDF
      Research Report – May 2023 May 15, 2023 PDF
      HealthTech and WealthTech Presentation May 09, 2023 PDF
      Financial Projections 2023-2027 & Valuation Apr 14, 2023 PDF
      NASDAQ-Listed Wealth and Health Firm, AGBA Group Holding Limited to acquire Sony Life Financial Advisers PTE Ltd in Singapore Apr 6, 2023 View
      Business Highlights Management Discussion Mar 07, 2023 PDF

      Press Releases

      Financial Results

      Description Date Download
      Q3 2023 Financial Results Nov 2023 PDF
      Q3 2023 Press Release Nov 2023 View
      Q2 2023 Financial Results Aug 2023 PDF
      Q2 2023 Press Release Aug 2023 View
      Q1 2023 Financial Results May 2023 PDF
      Q1 2023 Press Release May 2023 View

      AGBA Shareholders

      ShareholdersNo. of Shares%
      TAG Holdings Limited55,500,00082.3%
      Directors and Named Officers845,6001.3%
      Other Sharesholders
      SPAC Sponsor, SPAC Management Team and Related Advisors4,882,7477.2%
      Other Shareholders6,233,6519.2%

      * TAG Holdings Limited (“TAG”) is the controling shareholder of AGBA with 55.5m AGBA shares issued by the SPAC to TAG upon closing of the Business Combination on November 14, 2022. The 55.5m share held by TAG are restricted shares and required to be registered before the shares are freely tradable.

      (As of August 11, 2023)

      SEC Filings

      All filings for AGBA are available via EDGAR.

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      Shareholder Q&A 

      Dive into our archives to explore answers to shareholder questions from our dedicated weekly Q&A sessions on social media.

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      Investor Contacts

      Get the latest investor information and stay informed. 

      E-mail: [email protected]

      Telephone: +852 5529 4500