AGBA is a unique platform that promises people and businesses a greater life together.

Our community shares opportunities in wealth, health, business, careers and personal growth.

The AGBA platform hosts a growing selection of influential brands.

They serve our community with greater access in financial and healthcare services.

    AGBA is a unique platform business that unites people and businesses with better choices in financial services, healthcare, and wellness.

    We’re looking for ambitious people to join us.

    We strive for creating long-term value for shareholders.

      Our purpose is to bring greater health, wealth and happiness to more people.

      How? With our financial strength, fresh thinking and experienced can-do team.

        Summer Learning Series

        Leading students to think outside their box is always our goal. We rolled out the Summer Learning Series to deliver students with edged experience and knowledge. With the support from our partners such as Walk in Hong Kong and Fevaworks , we equip youngsters with necessary skills and pave their way to the future success.