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      Global Portfolio Solutions (GPS) are a series of portfolios that provide investors with an efficient way to invest in global markets and weather through both good times and volatile times.

      Global Portfolio Solutions

      Global Portfolio Solutions (GPS) are a series of portfolios that provide investors with an efficient way to invest in global markets and weather through both good times and volatile times.

      These professionally managed portfolios are designed to deliver solid, long-term risk-adjusted returns and are tailored to meet an individual’s investment goals.

      OnePlatform Asset Management leverage on our professional experience and market insights to offer GPS that covers global investment opportunities.

      Key Features

      Benefit from the combined intelligence of multi managers
      A multi-manager approach allows access to a mix of styles, which reduces portfolio biases. In addition, it makes it cost efficient to switch between fund managers and mutual funds in response to changing market conditions.

      Diversify easily in one single solutions
      GPS provides access to a full universe of fund managers and mutual funds – one single solution to strategically diversify across geographies, sectors, asset classes and investment styles.

      Tap into the expertise of Wilshire
      GPS allows Hong Kong investors to tap into the extensive knowledge, skills, experience and resources of OnePlatform Asset Management which provides asset allocation and investment selection recommendations to the portfolios, enabling us to translate institutional expertise into individual investor solutions.

      Save the hassles
      Performing market research could be a hassle. It requires knowledge, skills and is time-consuming. Having specialists help with your portfolio management saves you valuable time and ensures your investments are constantly monitored and do not deviate from your wealth accumulation goals.

      Respond to market changes quickly
      Having full discretion allows us to respond quickly to market risks and opportunities as they surface.

      Manage risk at every step
      As part of our portfolio management services, we seek to ensure that the portfolios are designed to manage risk appropriately. Risk controls are embedded within every step of the investment process by monitoring asset classes and asset allocation decisions, reviewing underlying mutual fund performance, evaluating fund managers on an ongoing basis, and assessing correlations among investments. 

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