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      5 Tips to avoid impulse buying

      We need initial capital to start investing. However, overspending is one of the common barriers to achieving our financial goals. With the convenience of online shopping and intelligent devices comes the rise of impulse purchasing, people can shop worldwide without leaving the comforts of home. Buying without planning in advance may undermine our budgets and savings. Here are 5 tips to avoid impulse purchasing:

      1. Delay your purchases
      When you see something you want, delay your decision and take a step back before cashing. Whether the delay is for one day or one hour, it would give enough time for your impulse to settle down, and you can purchase the items with a clearer mind if you really need those goods.

      2. Buy with good reason
      Seasonal sales and special offers are appealing, but they turn encourage us to spend more. Although buying goods in a lower price can help us to save money, only buying things we need is the golden rule of money saving. Before any purchase, you can ask yourself whether you need it or simply want it. Creating a shopping list can keep you focused and less likely to spend on things that are not on the list.

      3. Spend with cash
      Credit cards are convenient and usually come with bargains and discounts, but sometimes we may not be aware of the amount spent if we tap the cards mindlessly. People tend to spend less with cash as it is psychologically harder to hand out cash.

      4. Create a budget
      Besides, creating a budget and sticking to it can limit our monthly expenses, forcing us to think carefully before spending.

      5. Do something else when moody
      Impulse buying is usually the result of emotional distress. Although buying might make you feel relieved and satisfied at the moment, positive feelings would wear off when you discover that you are running out of budget. Emotional buying is not a good way to ease stress as it might create other problems in the future. You can go for a walk, do exercise or listen to music when you are feeling depressed, but please stop spending or making impulse purchases to self-soothe.

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