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      8 Characteristics of Successful Wealth Builders. 

      Chances of success are mainly decided by our personality traits. In fact, our personality may have a determining influence on our chances, as well as wealth appreciation and income. Research conducted by an economic institute and university in Germany begins in 1984, testes more than 20,000 Germans, and over 1,000 research targets are millionaires, who have at least EUR 1,000,000. The research states that rich people share many traits in common, they tend to be more extroverted, open-minded, and risk-tolerance than the ordinary, especially self-made millionaires. Here are the 8 characteristics of successful wealth builders:

      1. Risk-tolerance
      Risk and return go hand in hand, higher risks mean more significant chances to get greater rewards. The study states that the rich people have higher risk-tolerance levels, and they tend to achieve higher returns by accepting greater risk.

      2. Open-minded
      Society changed over the years. The study states that successful enterprises usually have a relatively open attitude toward the change in society, they are more willing to understand the new trends and equip themselves with new skills. This personality helps them to identify new business opportunities.

      3. Extroverted
      Social network is important to career development. With good social skills, we can make friends from different sectors and widen our horizons. Successful people are generally good at socializing, which helps to assist their career with different kinds of opportunities.

      4. Conscientious
      Millionaires exhibit to show conscientiousness compared to the others, they tend to work diligently, and it is beneficial to sharpen their skills during working time. Besides, a conscientious attitude is vital in building credibility in the industry, which also helps to expand social networks.

      5. Emotionally Stable
      Being optimistic is the key leading to success. With an optimistic attitude, we can see possibilities when facing difficulties, which encourages us to work hard to achieve our goals.

      6. Well-organized
      A successful enterprise may need to manage multiple projects at the same time. Therefore, time management skills and prioritization are crucial to increase time effectiveness.

      7. Self-disciplined
      Conscientious people have a high level of self-discipline, they take action to execute plans and make good use of time. This personality is also good for building healthy lifestyle and protecting our work performance from sleep deprivation.

      8. Problem solver
      Problem-solving is part of everyone’s work. A good problem solver can identify the root of the problem and provide the most effective solution.

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